Paykassa FAQs

What payment systems and currencies does your service support?

Information about the supported payment systems and currencies can be found on the page - .

Where can I find documentation and examples for integrating your service into my project?

You can find PHP integration examples on the page . You can find integration examples for other programming languages in the English article . Detailed documentation on …

What are the minimum/maximum payment amounts that your service supports?

Information about the minimum/maximum amounts for payments is located on the page - .

I made a payout, it was cancelled, but the money did not return to the balance. What should I do?

The money will be credited to your balance automatically within 24 hours.

What is a Recovery code?

This is a code that you receive once after registration, and you must save it; It is the only way to confirm ownership of your account. If you lose this code, it means you have lost the legal right to own your account. You should never share this code,…

I'm trying to make a payout and I'm getting the message: Invalid account number. Error code: 59. What to do?

Check that you have specified the correct account number/address and it does not contain spaces at the ends.

Is it allowed to connect a HYIP project to your service?

Yes, we work with HYIP projects. Additionally, we are integrated into the main popular scripts, and you can activate payment acceptance in them in just a few clicks. The list of supported engines: Gold Coders, Blitz-Script, H-script, and others.

What is required to connect to your service?

All you need to do is register, add a merchant and API(if necessary). After, you should perform integration of our service to your website or app by yourself or with ready-made modules, after these steps you can immediately accept payments through our …

Do you have KYC/AML?

Our service does not request such procedures.

Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes, we do have an affiliate program. You can find the information on this page . Your personal link can be found in your account .

I can't withdraw my affiliate rewards?

Please note, we provide payouts not for all types of affiliate balance. Those balances that do not have a withdrawal button are unavailable for payouts. They accumulate and possibly in the future our policy will change and you will be able to get them …

Which CMS do you work with?

At the moment, our current integrations include OpenCart 3, Wordpress (Woocommerce). We also have integrations with other systems, but they require updating. If you need other integrations, please let us know - we will provide.

Is your service protected from DDoS attacks?

As our service is quite popular, it often falls under DDoS attacks. We fight them using both our own and external resources. In particular, we cooperate with companies DDos-Guard, Imperva, Blitz-Host.

I paid to the old address again. What should I do?

The money is automatically credited to your merchant account. Manually process the payment in your system if this did not happen automatically.

I invested money, but payouts didn't come. What should I do?

Contact the support of the site where you transferred money. We cannot assist in solving such issues. The payouts are made by merchants, not us.

The amount is not displayed on the invoice page, what should I do?

Go to your merchant settings and in the "Technical" section change the "Accept any amount" option to "No". Then save the settings.

What is Network Fee, Processing Fee? What is the difference and who pays them?

Network Fee is a fee that needs to be paid to process the transaction through the blockchain. Most of the time this is a variable that depends on the state of a particular network and can change over time. In some cases, it also depends on the currency…

Can I cancel or refund a payment?

Unfortunately, technically you cannot cancel or refund payments. If you are the payer, you can contact the recipient to whom you made the payment, and try to settle the matter with them.

How can I change my email?

To change your email, please use this form .

How can I disable 2FA?

To disable 2FA, please use this form .

What is the fee for your service?

Our service charges 4% of the total amount of all outgoing payments.

Why did you take such a large commission?

Our service charges 4% of the total amount of all outgoing payments. If you believe we have taken more, please review the detailed payment report in your personal account, familiarize yourself with your rate, if you have any questions, write to us, we …

Why is your commission so high?

While our commission may be higher than the market average, it's imposed for the purpose of establishing reserves for unforeseen circumstances, facilitating speedy transactions, and ensuring maximum loyalty to our clients.

What should I do if I have sent TRON TRX to a TRON TRC20 account?

Please complete the refund form at .

What if I sent coins to an address of a different type or network?

Please fill out the refund form at . Note, we take the balance of the native currency on the address as a commission.

How should I send sensitive data?

For transmitting sensitive data, you should use the "one-time note" service. You can use our free service for this at .

What if I sent unsupported coins or tokens to the platform?

In such an event, a refund may not be possible. If manual refund is possible, a commission of 25% of the refund amount and the remainder of the base currency when refunding tokens will be charged. For instructions, please contact our support service at…

What are your service fees?

You can find detailed information about our service fees at . Individual commissions and limits for the merchant can be viewed in its settings.

What should I do if I sent TRC20 tokens to a TRON address?

You should send 30 TRX to the same address. Then go to and fill out the refund form. Please note that the balance of the native currency on the address will be used as a commission.

What should I do if I sent BEP20 tokens to another network?

You should send 0.002 BNB to the same address. Then, visit and fill out the refund form. Please note that the balance of the native currency at the address will be used as a fee.

What should I do if I sent ERC20 tokens to another network?

You should send 0.005 ETH to the same address. Then, visit and fill out the refund form. Please note that the balance of the native currency at the address will be used as a fee.

I am trying to process a refund through the refund form, but I can't.

Please make sure that you have entered all the data correctly. Also, note that we do not provide refunds if more than 30 days have passed since the erroneous payment.

I invested money, they are displayed on the account page, but the deposit was not opened. What should I do?

Please contact the support service of the service to which you were sending the funds. Unfortunately, we cannot assist in resolving such issues.

Can I get a ready-made module for OpenCart or Woocommerce?

Yes, contact us at support, we will provide the module.

For which languages do you have ready-made modules?

We have ready-made modules for PHP, Golang, Python. The integrations can be found on the GITHUB page .

When I connect to SCI/API, I get the error "Shop not found in the system". What am I doing wrong?

If you’re not using pre-made SDKs, there’s a high chance that you’re sending parameters with an incorrect Content-Type. You should send the data as "application/x-www-form-urlencoded".

I sent a Ripple payment and specified the wrong tag, what should I do?

Contact the support service, providing the txid (transaction hash) and the correct tag. Support contacts: (email), @paykassa_support_bot (Telegram).

I sent a Stellar payment and specified the wrong memo, what should I do?

Contact the support service, providing the txid (transaction hash) and the correct memo. Support contacts: (email), @paykassa_support_bot (Telegram).

While filling out the form, I noticed that the fractional part of the number is not taken into account. What should I do?

Make sure you enter the fractional part of the number using a period (”.“) rather than a comma (”,“). This will solve your problem.

I want to change my email address, I enter all the data correctly, but I get an error. What to do?

Make sure you haven't recently changed your email address, reset your password, or deactivated two-factor authentication. If you have, wait 24 hours and try again.

Is "the Recovery code" one-time?

No, this code is permanent: it can be used multiple times, and it cannot be changed, only by creating a new account. Therefore, keep it strictly confidential and do not share it with anyone.

Do you delete inactive accounts?

Yes, we delete an account if it’s been inactive for over 365 days. Restoration of any information or funds after this period is impossible.

How to register (create an account)?

You can register via the link

An external service has blocked fund transfers using Paykassa, subsequently returning the funds to Paykassa’s address, but the funds have not been credited back to my account. What should I do?

Please contact our support service and provide information about your account, the transfer that was made using our service, and information about the transaction made by the external service as a refund. Also, attach screenshots of your communication …

How to add an API?

To add an API, log in, click the "API" button, then "Add API". Fill out the form, confirm the environment, and save the added data.